From professionals:

“…Nora is one of the most talented practitioners of neurotherapy in the nation. She is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and alternative approaches to health…Her presence will be a wonderful opportunity for those in the Portland area to receive neurotherapy at the hands of one of the masters of the field. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Matthew Fleischman, Ph.D., P.C.
Licensed clinical psychologist
The Center For attention and Learning – Eugene, OR
Lane County Psychologist of the Year, 2002

“As a neuropsychologist with 30 years of experience and the author of a popular book on brain training and mental fitness, I endorse Nora’s reputation and expertise in the clinical care of people by using the scientific techniques about which I have written. She is among the elite of professionals who can restore health and promote growth by harnessing nature’s principles with effective care”
Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.
Licensed psychologist
Clinical neuropsychologist
NBC medical consultant
Author of ADD: The 20-Hour Solution

“…I have been exceedingly impressed with (Nora’s) in-depth understanding of EEG biofeedback and her skill at using this tool. She has earned the respect of many distinguished clinicians I the field of neurotherapy…(Also), I frequently request a nutritional consult from (Nora) for my own clients. I trust her knowledge and research.”
Caroline Grierson, RN, BSN
Certified Neurofeedback Therapist for a multidisciplinary Pain Management Group affiliated with UCLA

“(Nora Gedgaudas) is personable, highly motivated and committed to her work.”
Dr Siegfried Othmer
Chief Scientist, EEG Institute
Co-author of “ADD: The 20-Hour Solution”

“Nora’s background and training are excellent…She has demonstrably been able to use her knowledge of brain functioning and technology to chase down clients’ problems and devise helpful interventions. …I have referred many clients to Nora for neurotherapy with good results.”
John Stacy, Ph.D.
Licensed clinical psychologist
Eugene, OR

From clients:

“I have experienced no migraines, enjoy better, more restful sleep, and my depression is gone. I wish I had discovered Nora years ago."
Portland, OR

“Our son is a much different boy from a few months ago, and the only thing we can say for sure is it’s because of (Nora). He's much calmer now, and seems to be developing more sensitivity, compassion and concern for others. He has also become very appreciative and extraordinarily loving. Thank you Nora for relieving us of what seemed to be an impossible burden.”
West Linn, Oregon

“Nora Gedgaudas uses a unique combination of science, intuition, and years of accumulated experience to assemble the complex puzzle pieces of each client; genetics, diet, environment, medical history—all the elements which affect health and brain function. Her incredible knowledge makes her extremely skilled at making an initial assessment based on symptoms and testing, and she remains vigilant during each session, constantly fine-tuning the process. Nora’s articulate, nurturing and personable style always allows for dialog and explanations as the process progresses. With a lifelong dedication to nutrition and holistic approaches to health, I have found Neurofeedback and Nora’s professional integrity, dedication and personal investment in the success of the process to be a true gift, allowing me to lift my depression and continue my life without medication.

A most sincere thank you for a life changing experience.”

Lake Oswego, OR

“When I started coming to see you, I was in a constant state of brain-fog, with poor short-term memory and very little ability to stick with anything I started. I was falling far short of my potential, and letting my career dreams lie idle while I lived from hand-to-mouth as a temp. I had a sense of the potential I was wasting, and I wanted to try Neurofeedback because I had a vague sense that it might help me concentrate on getting my career on track.

I’m happy to say you’ve created a monster. Suddenly I can’t stop working on the thing that matters most to me: starting my own business. Its bedtime and I’m still generating ideas, feeling very unwilling to slow down and retire for the evening. This never used to happen to me. I just wasn’t that focused.

I'm convinced that through Neurofeedback you've given me the motivation and mental power that I've been missing all this time to make things happen in my life.
Thank you SO MUCH for giving me back my brain! I feel like I can do almost anything now.”

Portland, OR

“I want you to know how valuable Neurofeedback has been for me. Your skill has been incredible and I appreciate everything! Honestly! Thank you! I could cry right now, really. A good thing. Want your life back? Call Nora!
Portland, OR

“…I have found Neurofeedback and Nora’s professional integrity, dedication and personal investment in the success of the treatment to be a true gift, allowing me to lift my depression and continue my life without medication. A most sincere thank you for a life changing experience.”
Lake Oswego, OR

“Within a couple of months of starting Neurofeedback, I was able to reduce the dose of anti-depressants. Before long, I eliminated medication entirely…My moods are much more consistent and I am able to take much greater pleasure in life, even during the dark days of winter. Thank you, Nora, for providing this excellent technology and such caring therapy.”
Portland, OR

“I was having two migraines a week for several months…I started Neurofeedback with Nora Gedgaudas and after 10 weeks had only two migraines that required medication and both of those had specific triggers. I am so grateful for the relief.”
Portland, OR

“We cannot thank Nora enough for the valuable insight she brought to our family as to what Neurofeedback and diet can do to help our son…..(Our son) is able to function well in school without drugs and with his teachers unable to believe he’s been diagnosed with ADD. We highly recommend her as a professional in Neurofeedback.”
Albany, OR

“As a teenager, I was told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life if I wanted to keep my moods balanced and function "normally". Bipolar disorder. I didn't believe it.
When I heard of Neurofeedback it felt right immediately. It just made so much more sense than conventional western medicine and prescription drugs. Drugs take a person away from their true self. Neurofeedback allows the true self to shine through and become balanced, ridding the brain of the unnatural static that pollutes the psyche of modern civilization.
After my very first session with Nora, I knew we were on the right path at last. I trusted Nora immediately. She is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable, and compassionate people I will ever know. Her support and dedication to helping me become healthy throughout my training played just as important a role as the Neurofeedback, itself.
That first Neurofeedback session with Nora marked the last day I ever took a prescription medication. My spirit, ambition, and passion have been in full force ever since. People who knew me before Neurofeedback cannot believe the drastic positive changes they have watched me go through. I am now pursuing a career path in holistic health care so that I can help others as Nora and the miracle of Neurofeedback have helped me.
Neurofeedback is without a doubt the future of healing and life enhancement.”

Portland, OR

“Before I started neurotherapy with you (2-3 years ago) my winter depression was getting worse each year. Since completing the therapy, I have experienced infrequent “down” days that might last 1-3 days, but the multi-week-long depression that used to plague me is all gone now. January used to be my worst month and now it’s just a normal month. My conclusion is that neurotherapy works and has permanent results. I hope your business is doing well, Nora. It’s important work.”
Hillsboro, OR

“My nine year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD this winter following a school conference that made us all feel very defeated. I am so grateful we found Nora at Northwest Neurofeedback so we could avoid putting Hailey on the medications the doctor was recommending.

In the last 6 months we have seen our daughter make profound advances in many areas. Most notably, she no longer seems overwhelmed by the world around her. She is much more social and happy. Her teacher told me that several adults in the school have noticed and mentioned the changes in her demeanor. She also sleeps much better. Her handwriting and spelling improved drastically during the course of the process. Although she is still prone to some distraction, she can follow instructions without forgetting most of the time. This was almost never the case 6 months ago.

All of this is due to Nora’s expertise and dedication. She was patient enough to find what worked for my daughter. I want to thank Nora for her kindness and caring. When I told my daughter that she was nearing the end of her Neurofeedback visits, she began to cry and told me she would miss Nora very much. This is evidence of the compassion Nora has shown her. I have recommended Nora and Northwest Neurofeedback to several of my friends and family and will continue to do so.

Thank you, Nora!”

Portland, OR

“I started coming to Nora after about a month and a half of constant horrible headaches. The doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong and the MRI was clear. They decided to put me on medications to see if that would help and all they did was make me sick. I started doing Neurofeedback and slowly my headaches got better. Now I rarely have a headache and when I do they aren’t as severe and they last a much shorter amount of time. If I didn’t come to Northwest Neurofeedback I would have probably had to re-take my sophomore year of high school.

Nora is very kind and considerate and she truly cares about her clients. I would recommend her over medications anytime!!”

High School Student
Troutdale, OR

“We had great success with Nora as our Neurotherapist. She knows the brain backwards and forwards and can find the right protocol to address the underlying issues. Neurofeedback had such a global affect on my young 4 year old son and helped resolve a myriad of issues such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness, difficulty sleeping/waking, aggression, anger, sensory integration disorder and anxiety. We didn't realize how much stress we were under until my son started healing and we all felt better. It has been worth the investment.”

RC, parent
Portland, OR

“I am so grateful that I found Nora, her Neurofeedback work has succeeded tremendously in helping me where traditional prescriptive treatment failed repeatedly. She is patient, persistent, compassionate, and above all, professional. Nora's work has forever changed my way of thinking about how the brain works and how it can be healed. I cannot recommend her enough.”
Portland, OR

“Having Neurofeedback from Nora Gedgaudas was a transforming experience for me. I am more organized, and less apt to procrastinate, and have more follow through. I also noticed an improvement in my mood, with an ability to handle stress better. It improved my balance and overall I have an improved quality of life. I would and have recommended it to people that have any kind of desire for improved brain function.”
Portland, OR

“My old friend, Jim Robbins (author of “A Symphony In The Brain”) directed me to Nora for Neurofeedback …I finished treatments six months ago and the results have been lasting. Nora has impeccable integrity, is very compassionate and is utterly invested in her client’s progress toward peace and happiness.”
Eugene, OR

“Having tried many other treatments, Neurofeedback has been by far the most effective. I appreciate (Nora’s) sincerity and devotion. Her experience and expertise is apparent.”
Eugene, OR

“In October 2004 I panicked when I learned that I needed to understand the neurology of the ear and brain in order to continue to sell The Listening Program. I had used the program with people with learning disabilities and autism. Suddenly my own learning disabilities loomed large, so I got a brain scan at the Amen Clinic. It showed, among other things, that my prefrontal cortex was not working up to snuff, so I was given Effexor. For the first time in my life, I was neither anxious nor depressed. However, I was so dizzy that could not get from the bed to the bathroom with out hitting every wall.

I consulted with a chiropractic neurologist who was a great help in dealing with the dizziness. He used simple things, like having me track his finger to tell which parts of my brain were working and which were impaired. He was able to help me stabilize so I could back off the Effexor and still not have the depression or the anxiety. But when he had done all he could for me, I still felt like a lump in the corner.

I could not fix dinner without someone else in the kitchen for fear I would start a fire. I struggled to write e-mail or a thank you note. Multi-tasking was all but impossible. To add to this, I was sleeping from 2 to 5 hours each night, waking between 2 and 4 am.

Then we went to a conference for The Listening Program. Siegfried Othmer spoke about neurofeedback. My husband and I had a wonderful talk with him and his wife Sue as we took the shuttle back to the airport. They were very enthusiastic about a woman in Portland whom they had trained. So I went to see Nora Gedgaudas. That first day I felt like a phantom, as though I were impersonating a person. By the third session I felt like a real, solid person. My sleep was good on the nights after Neurofeedback sessions, and over time, sleeping more normally became an every night proposition.

At some point we began to do alpha-theta work which has left me with a sense of having resolved some of the emotional traumas of childhood that continued plague me. I cannot explain specifically what took place, but for the first time in my life I am able to self-quiet.

I will be forever grateful to Nora for the work she has done with me. I feel that neurofeedback has given my life back to me.”

Portland, OR

“With her broad understanding of the healthy functioning of the brain and body, the depth of her experience and her personal commitment to each of her clients Nora Gedgaudas is a rare find. I urge you to consider her services.”
J.B.M., JD
Eugene, OR

“I have to date lost 22 lbs and am off Zoloft. All thanks to you. You are a goddess.”
Don Clarkson
Mayor (Mosier, OR) and personal coach

“I am personally very grateful for the opportunity to work with Nora. The rewards of improved diet and Neurofeedback are the best changes I’ve encountered. I feel like a new person.”
Eugene, OR

“I was referred to Nora by colleague of mine, another client of Nora. We both were suffering from anxiety disorder due to work related stress. Her condition caused her to develop eating disorder while I suffered extreme fatigue, depression and frequent panic attacks.

I could have taken bottles of medications and added more medical and psychological problems to my existing condition. -- Instead, with Nora's help, I found her Neurofeedback technique simple, relaxing and effective.

I strongly recommend Nora and her Neurofeedback technique. She is an excellent practitioner.”

West Linn, OR

“Thank you! Your work helped me to gain social confidence in whom I am today. I had been a person who would tailor my behavior for the purpose of acceptance. Now I know who I am and what I have to offer. I now present myself consistently to everyone.

I also appreciate how your work helped me to retrain my anger from over-reacting to having appropriate reactions.”

Portland, OR

“The Miracle of Neurofeedback Therapy:

As a step-mother of two young boys with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), I had tried for 3 years to find help for them and found nothing. There’s such resistance in our society to recognize this disorder, for a variety of reasons. When I met Nora Gedgaudas, I knew this she was the last hope for my boys. Living with 2 mentally ill children is hard enough, but raising my own child in that environment affects that child forever. However impossible the task seemed, I knew there was a way for all three of my children to overcome their challenging early years.

With the Neurofeedback therapy and diet change, my eldest stepson (who had started kindergarten earlier in the year and was suffering greatly to pass) became a child with a personality. I joke that he’s a new kid, but it’s really no joke. With Nora’s help, he’s been able to completely turn his life around and do well all of the time – something which had always eluded him. He used to sob and wail about how he, “just wants to be good,” but never had the control.

Our jails are full of grown up kids with RAD and many other neurological/behavioral disorders, which could easily be eradicated with this wonderful therapy. I feel like I’ve found the cure for the incurable.

Nora’s book lit the way for this process. We made changes in every aspect of our diet and lives. Our kids are happy, healthy and best of all; they’re healing their own bodies and brains with Nora’s help. The best thing I can say about Nora’s insightful book is that I’m using her expertise to help my whole family get stronger. Sometimes, there is so much to remember, I feel like it’s never going to work. Then, almost like magic, everything falls into place and it feels like I’m in the middle of a real miracle.

As a chef and mother – nutrition is of great importance to me. Nora’s help has led me to understand more deeply the relationship we all have with food on this planet. I am deeply and eternally grateful to have found Nora for my two boys. I don’t believe there’s a soul alive who wouldn’t benefit from her wonderful work. I feel truly blessed to know her and be one of the many (I’m sure) she has helped.

Beaverton, OR

“Dealing with 28 years of trauma I was fighting Depression, fear, no memory, poor sleep and failing health. Neurofeedback took my depression away which I fought for 15 years with medicine that made me feel numb and it opened up my memory helping me to understand myself better and those around me. I no longer have that debilitating fear and my sleep is wonderful! I fall asleep on my own and sleep soundly. I was also a comfort eater and had little control with my diet when under stress but after Neurofeedback I’m in control of what I eat and I can say no to those foods that “comforted” me for me years.”
Tigard, OR

“Nora has the perfect combination of professionalism and caring. There was never a question in my mind about her commitment to seeking out and addressing the factors involved in my daughter's very challenging personality.

During the Neurofeedback process I saw incredible (positive) changes in how my daughter interacted with me. I was finally seeing her real personality shine through.”

Portland, OR

“Nora was instrumental in assisting our son, a sophomore in high school, with Asperger’s Syndrome. With appropriate and intense Neurotherapy he was able to maintain an ability to interact on nearly a normal social level. Nora also worked closely with us in treating our own situational and endogenous depression as our family went through several crises. We came to know and appreciate Nora’s extensive knowledge not only in the field of Neurofeedback but in nutritional support, as well. Without reservation, we highly recommend Nora. Her professionalism, dedication, communication skills and her ethical standards are of the highest caliber.”
J.E.M., RN
Eugene, OR

“In my experiences with Nora I found that sessions with her are both effective and enjoyable. In many ways every-time after I left the building, felt my mind had improved. I go into a good mood; I feel that my mind is crystal clear, and everything that troubled me was gone. When I am at the session I can engage Nora in a conversation that is both pleasant and can calm one’s mind. As you play the programs you don’t notice how fast time will move and you find yourself enjoying yourself in what seems like a simple video game. I highly recommend this highly professional therapist for she is both fun and efficient.”
S.A. - Sixth grader
West Linn, OR

(Note: testimonial unedited!)

“I definitely benefited from Neurofeedback sessions. My ability to do tasks at work and not be distracted is something I can now do; before it was a real chore. I used to space out in meetings, now if I do space out it's only for a few seconds, not like the past where I'd be completely checked out. The tension in my shoulders and forehead has diminished considerably.

I will tell my friends about your service because it works!"
Portland, OR

“Nora Gedgaudas is a dedicated professional and an expert in the area of nutrition and neurofeedback. Her insight into nutritional principles has empowered me to learn how lead a healthier existence. With her help my quality of life has dramatically improved."
Portland, Oregon

“I have been meaning to email you for some time. Daily I am reminded of the great positive impact that neurofeedback has had on my life. The days of foggy thinking and low concentration are virtually gone; the clarity and focus I experience, even during times of stress, are such a blessing. I can mentally and emotionally hold my own in a “heated discussion” and in other anxiety-filled situations.

I am so grateful for your help. Thank you!”

Portland, OR

“I had a cluster of abnormal blood vessels near my brain stem that hemorrhaged causing my brain to swell which led to emergency brain surgery. It was a miracle that I survived.

During my recovery after brain surgery, I had many symptoms that caused me to be miserable. I had anxiety, head pain, nausea, memory, dizziness and balance issues. My doctors said there was really nothing they could do for me except to prescribe medications.

Then I found neurofeedback which alleviated the problems I was having. During my sessions with Nora, she would talk to me about proper nutrition. I followed her recommendations and my health improved tremendously. The combination of brain training along with Nora’s dietary and supplement recommendations accelerated my recovery and healing process.

Today I feel healthier than I’ve ever been in my life and I owe it all to Nora.

I do want to say that emergency medicine and brain surgery saved my life, but neurofeedback and Nora’s recommended dietary changes gave me my life back.

Nora is an extraordinary therapist – she has the background, education and experience but is also extremely passionate, intuitive and a healer.

I am so grateful to Nora for supporting me in my healing process.”

Lisa Collins, LMT
Portland, OR